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try to steal the mona lisa

in 60 minutes! 

real escape room in redmond, wa


Have a great time with friends

Since you invite your own team, you can play with your best friends and have a blast of a time. Share an experience you won't forget!

Amazing birthday entertainment

It is a lot of fun, especially if you do it on a special day. Your party would be very special and won't soon be forgotten. You can purchase a gift certificate at the bottom of this site. 

Perfect team building experience

You must work together to escape the room. Solve puzzles and use teamwork to your advantage by splitting up tasks, dividing and conquering.

  What is the Real Escape quest?

Trapped in the rooms

Real escape quest is a live escape adventure. You and a team of friends are locked in a puzzle room for an hour. There are many secrets, lots of intrigue and tons of puzzles to solve. To escape the room you must complete several challenges. You will not expect what will happen next!

From 2 to 7 players

You can visit the Conundroom with your family, friends, coworkers, anyone! You choose your own team!

How do I escape?

You will have 60 minutes to solve many technical and logical puzzles that lead to a final clue, the key to the exit door or a combination to the main objective.

We guarantee you an amazing experience

Every solved puzzle keep you excited and the want to continue foward.  At any time you can opt in for a hint, we will do our best to provide you with the full experience and move teams along at clue points in the game.

Real Escape Room Quest

One of the most interesting adventures in Redmond for a team of friends or family. 

You will step-by-step solve many intricate logic puzzles, and work as a team to reach the main goal in under 60 minutes, in a fantastically themed environment. We have created a series of highly detailed and well designed rooms that will definetly make you think ouside the box. The most challenging and brain teasing team building adventure you have ever participated in!

One of the most incredible team building activity


Players in team!


Ticket per team


Minutes for a team

to escape



recommended age

Mechanical puzzles

We don't have boring puzzles with a mathematical formulas and rebuses, but we have a lot of different logical and mechanical puzzles, which make the game very exciting, interesting and unforgettable for all.

Your own team

Even if your team is a bit small

(2 people),  you won't have to play with strangers. You book the room for 60 minutes just for your team! Perfect for dates and couples!

Game atmosphere

We welcome you into the unreal world of this captivating adventure. You will be surrounded by our glorious interior design that creates a unique and unforgettable game atmosphere.


Real escape quest:

Mona Lisa Heist

60  min.
to escape

players   recommended


Take part in the most famous heist of the 20th century! An amazing adventure in the Louvre. Go through the security room, deactivating clever alarms and security systems. Get to the exhibit hall filled with ancient artifacts and paintings. Finally, steal the main exhibit piece, The Mona Lisa!


Real escape quest:


60 min.
to escape




You find yourself inside a moving train and you need to stop it in 60 minutes! Take a part in our most famous quest room for all ages and experience leveles. 


virtual reality escape quest:

60  min.
to escape



When wearing a Virtual Reality helmet, you find yourself in a completely different reality. You look through the eyes of your Avatar fly in his body and fire his weapon without leaving the command post. Side by side with your friends, you need to figure out puzzles and eliminate any enemies.


Limited time offer










Team of

2 or 3 players

team of

4 or 5 players

team of 6

or 7 players

TEAM OF 8 players

$30-45 per player

$24-30 per player

$22-25 per player

$22-25 per player

60 minutes

60 minutes  

60 minutes

60 minutes

Just your team without strangers

Just your team without strangers

Just your team without strangers 

Just your team without strangers 

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David P.

Without a doubt, this is among my favorite things I have ever done. Without spoiling anything, I will say you HAVE TO just go and see for yourself! Bring a few good friends and don't tell them where you are going. It is the coolest surprise ever!

I am extremely impressed by the gentlemen who came up with this and put it together. They deserve every penny they earn from this, and more. Five stars and two thumbs up!

Jakob H.

First off, I want to thank the Conundroom team for creating such an amazing puzzle room. From the first seconds you step into the room you can see how much effort has been put into the project. Those rooms look very retro and sometimes even scary which makes you really think you are in the 1920-x. You will need to use your creativity and logic in order succeed. For those who want to participate I would suggest coming in teams of at least 4 people and being ready to use your brain from the first second as you will have only 60 minutes. Even though me and my team mate weren't solve the mystery we had a great time playing the game.

Amber P.

Pretty. Freaking. Sweet. I came in with a group of 6 and we had a blast! It was the first time me and my friends did an escape room and it was a great first experience.

While not giving too much away, it started out a little slow but after solving the first clue it really picked up suspense.

Don't be fooled by the appearance of the building from the outside - the interior of the escape room is beautifully crafted and engaging. My team was able to finish just before time ran out and I felt the experience was better because of how close we made it from the 60 minute marker (very "James bond ticking time bomb suspense towards the end").

There will be another escape room (heist themed) later in September by the same people and I'll make sure I'm one of the first to try it!

Jamie K.

I wish I could wipe my memory and do this all over again! The game is unexpectedly immersive, the puzzles are the perfect difficulty (challenging, but not impossible), and the staff is amazing. There's a phone in the room to contact to the staff to ask for unlimited hints, which is a very helpful touch. I successfully completed the room with a private team of 2. If you're thinking of bringing a future date here, or simply want to experience a private mission with a friend, go for it! But if you really, really hope to complete the room and worried 2 might not be enough I do recommend participating in a larger group . Without spoiling, a lot of multi-tasking is required to solve various of puzzles. More bodies will make this process easier. Solving everything in a team of 2 was somewhat stressful, but the adrenaline rush helped us push through! Overall, this is a perfect activity to exercise team work and work out the brain. You won't regret it, worth every penny and more!

Kassi Z.

So much fun! I came with a group of 7 last night. None of us had ever done a room escape before, so it was a new adventure! We had a blast and definitely want to do it again.

The location is in a residential area, in a small, old, office building. Do not be discouraged by the building though! I thought they had a pretty cool set-up. As soon as we went upstairs, we were promptly greeted by the host. Everything was very thematic, which was pretty cool. The host even wore a conductor's hat! He quickly went over a small set of rules and guidelines, asked if we had any questions, and then showed us to the room without any hints or further explanation. We had 10 seconds to look at our surroundings before the timer started. We all kind of stood there unsure of what to do, and then just started looking around!

I don't want to give anything away, because that would take away all the fun. The puzzles themselves were not that simple, but not un-doable. They were just hard enough. Some of them took some time, and there was an assortment of things.

Ou group managed to finish in 43 minutes. We had a group picture taken with our completion time on it, which they put on a large wall in the main room on a timeline they created. It's pretty cool to see the statistics of completion times!

This is a new, small, family-run business. I definitely think they are on the track and we will definitely be back to try out the second escape room they are working on! Thanks for a great night!

Joop V.

A relatively new business focusing on team work and logical puzzle solving skills run by the two brothers. I like that this place offers more of a private teamwork atmosphere. You have a whole place to yourself for an hour puzzle solving how to get out of a locked train with a team of 2-7 people. I especially like that this puzzle solving activity is fun and challenging and the difficulty is right that it is not too overwhelmed or difficult that it'd discourage you from solving the whole puzzle game altogether. As a foreign customer, I also really appreciate that the puzzles really focus on using brain and logic and do not discriminate particular knowledge of certain cultures or languages.

We were a team of 4 people with no room escape backgrounds or history, but all with logical background (e.g. scientist, engineer, tech) and we still found the puzzles a fun teamwork activity. The puzzles also seemed to be at a relatively appropriate level (I asked the guys who run the place and they mentioned that about half to 2/3 of the group are able to solve the puzzles and escape the locked train within a given time frame of an hour (obviously the more people you have, the more fun it is.

Overall, we were glad we took up a challenge with Conundroom Real Escape Room Quest and highly recommend it for group activities of 2-7 people (probably, for kids...age 12+ per their recommendation is appropriate)! Can't wait til they make the next versions of the puzzle solving games!

more than 2000 teams already tried to escape

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are we actually going to be on a moving train?

Alas our budget is not big enough for a real life train, but we have decorated a series of rooms to look and sound just like one.

Can I bring more people along even though I already registered?

Absolutely! Although an extra $30 per person would have to be made when the team gets here. 

Is it wheelchair accessible?

We are located on a second floor of an office building with no elevator, unfortunately we are not wheelchair accessible.

Is there anything scary inside?

Absolutely not, we are very family friendly, thus our minimal age limit is set to 10.

We have over 10 people in our team, can you accomedate?

Yes we can! We are now have 2 quests that are next to each other. Each quest can have up to 8 people playing at a time. When booking make sure you book two rooms at the same time! 

Contact Info

Express and Mona Lisa Quests: 8250 165 TH AVE NE , Suite 208, Redmond, WA,

Virtual Reality Quest: 16275 NE 85th St Ste. E, UNIT F , Redmond, WA 98052


Information: +1 (206) 602-5823 


We have 3 free parking spaces!

Players should arrive 10 minutes before the reserved time. After 15 minutes, the operator may refuse to launch the game and without refund.